Chinese Dictionary and 3-line Document Editor

ChinaScribe is a Chinese dictionary program that can automatically add Mandarin Pinyin or Cantonese romanization and English (or other) definitions to Chinese characters. You can export the results directly to a mobile-friendly 2- or 3-line PDF document or to Microsoft Word. You can also play Mandarin or Cantonese pronunciation of words.

April 2023: ChinaScribe 2.00 Now Available Free of Charge!

To find out how the program works please watch one of the demonstration videos. You are welcome to download ChinaScribe now and try it for yourself.

Demonstration Videos

Using ChinaScribe to automatically create a 3-line document from Chinese text.

Using ChinaScribe with Microsoft Word.

Main Features

ChinaScribe is designed for Microsoft Windows computers and tablets. However, it can also be used on Mac and Linux machines. (See Mac/Linux info.)

Screenshot (Windows 10 Tablet)