Download ChinaScribe

Current Version

Version 2.00 of ChinaScribe is now available for download from the Microsoft Store.

If you are unable to install ChinaScribe from the Microsoft Store, you may click here to download the setup file. If prompted by your web browser, click "Run" or "Actions", "More Options", "Run Anyway" (or similar)

ChinaScribe is designed for Microsoft Windows computers and tablets. However, it may also be possible to use it on Mac and Linux machines. (See Mac/Linux info.)


If you already have a previous version of ChinaScribe we suggest you:

  1. [Optional] Back up your existing ChinaScribe dictionary. (File > Create Backup Copy of Dictionary)
  2. Uninstall ChinaScribe
  3. Install the current version of ChinaScribe
  4. [Optional] Restore the ChinaScribe dictionary from the file you created in step 1. (File > Restore Dictionary from Backup Copy)