ChinaScribe Features

Demonstration Videos

Using ChinaScribe to automatically create a 3-line document from Chinese text.

Using ChinaScribe with Microsoft Word.

What is ChinaScribe?

Screenshot - Editing the Dictionary

ChinaScribe is a versatile Chinese dictionary program that can be used to create or edit 2- and 3-line Chinese documents.

Creating and editing documents that contain Chinese characters and romanization (e.g. Pinyin) has previously been difficult for non-native speakers. ChinaScribe makes this much easier.

A Comprehensive Dictionary

The ChinaScribe dictionary contains over 130,000 Chinese words. Many words in the dictionary have English, German and French definitions.

You can add and amend dictionary entries. It is also possible to create dictionary definitions in other languages (e.g. Portuguese, Spanish etc).

You are able to import dictionary entries from other ChinaScribe users or from other dictionaries downloaded from the Internet, such as CC-CEDICT (Chinese-English), HanDeDict (Chinese-German), CFDict (Chinese-French). It is also easy to export your dictionary entries to a file to share with others.

A Versatile Chinese Document Editor

Screenshot - Editing Word Docs

ChinaScribe can be used to insert Chinese words into Microsoft Word or into the ChinaScribe document editor. Chinese characters or Pinyin can be inserted on their own. Alternatively, the Pinyin and/or definition can be included above the Chinese characters (as shown to the left).

ChinaScribe can also be used to ‘Pinyinize’ Chinese characters. This is especially useful if you are learning Chinese, and are not yet familiar with many Chinese characters. Chinese characters pasted from the Internet (or some other source) can have the Pinyin and/or definitions automatically added by ChinaScribe.

Other ChinaScribe features include:

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