Download ChinaScribe

ChinaScribe Version 1.63

Version 1.63 of ChinaScribe is now available for download.

ChinaScribe is designed for Microsoft Windows computers and tablets. However, it can also be used on Mac and Linux machines. (See Mac/Linux info.)

You may download the ChinaScribe program and evaluate it for up to 28 days.

Download ChinaScribe
Version 1.63

If prompted by your web browser, click "Run" or "Actions", "More Options", "Run Anyway" (or similar)

During the evaluation period the following restrictions apply:


If you have already installed a previous version of ChinaScribe and would like to upgrade to the latest version while keeping your existing dictionary click here to upgrade.


To continue using ChinaScribe after the evaluation period or to remove evaluation restrictions please purchase a registration key.

Future Enhancements

Continued work is planned to improve and enhance the ChinaScribe program. By spending the modest registration fee you will be supporting this work and will be entitled to receive free upgrades for at least 12 months.